Tips To Pass The Project Management Professional Certification Exam

The project management professional credential is not only recognized internationally, but it is ideally one of the most sought-after project management certifications.

Numerous software and multinational firms usually prefer project management professional certified individuals for project management positions.

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The PMP certification eligibility includes delivery experience and project management experience for about five years as well as 35 hours of project management education. There are also other project management certifications and courses from companies such as Helix Learning who are providers of Prince2 training online. These project management certification help to ascertain that the certified candidates will have the right set of skills needed to navigate through the dynamics of modern workplaces.

Well, the PMP certification exam has a reputation for being tough and calls for proper preparation. However, if you go about it systematically and have an ideal approach for the exam, you can easily pass in the first attempt.

From the preparation, planning, sticking to timelines and succeeding in the test can be a result of a proper and strategic approach. That being said, we have listed a number of tips that can help you create your own tailored strategy towards passing the exam.

Exam Preparation

As the famous quote states: failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It is vital that you prepare thoroughly, particularly for PMP certification.

It’s advisable that you spend adequate time reading the study material. It is equally essential that you study in that you focus on the main concepts and have a good comprehension of them.

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Another important thing to do during this stage is to enrol in a prep course for project management professional certification. Major booksellers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble have numerous exam preparation books on this kind of certification.

Some questions might be new to you, but a test preparation course can help you comprehend new concepts and strategies in project management. Additionally, a physical prep course presents you with the chance to ask questions regarding such topics and know key points to remember during the main test.

Create a Study Calendar

This is another important thing to do if you want to pass the PMP certification exam. At least 3 months before the test, create a study calendar. You need to treat this test just as you would handle the final exam for school. You are highly unlikely to pass if you do not study.

During the first month, you should dedicate at least 2 hours every other day to study. During the second one, ensure that you study for at least two hours a day, but leave two days like the weekend to clear your mind. You can also enrol in the test prep course during this period, but keep in mind that it needs to be done at least three weeks before the examination date. So, plan accordingly.

Do at Least 5 Practice Tests

You will get to learn a new concept or a possible question every time you do a practice test. Take as many tests as you can, and if possible, it is advisable to start taking the tests when you’re at least 8 weeks away from the exam. Try to do at least one test at the end of every week. Of course, you can skip some, but ensure you take 5 at the very minimum.

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Work Hard

There’s nothing impossible if you’re ready to work hard for it. This is an essential quality that you should have when preparing for the project management professional exam. Keep in mind that you will have to work even harder when you become a certified project manager.


It is advisable to interact with other individuals who are preparing for the same exam on social media sites like LinkedIn and forums where you’ll be able to gain access to some handy study material and helpful tips. Ideally, interacting with other individuals who have already passed the exam will help you gain substantial knowledge from their experience.

You can ask questions and garner useful information from other professionals. This kind of networking will ideally help you find some job opportunities with other firms via their contacts. Some firms prefer hiring candidates that are referred by people within the company as they want to hire the best in the industry.

Networking is therefore crucial if you want to pass the PMP certification exam and build some professional contacts.

Finally, ensure you are well rested for the main day. Do not work for 48 hours and isolate yourself from other people the day before. Stop studying by 8 p.m and ensure you get enough sleep for the big day.